The L&L Goodman Bat-Dor Beer-Sheva Municipal Dance Center is
the largest professional dance school in Southern Israel.
We believe in the highest standard of teaching, instrumental in
developing excellence, creativity, diligence and achievement. Bat-Dor provides
a warm home to both patrons of culture and to pupils interested in training to
become professional dancers in the future. The teaching staff surrounds the
pupils with an educational and supportive environment which allows for the
discovery and strengthening of the hidden potential to be found in each


The curriculum, geared to children, youth and adults, includes
classical ballet, modern dance, jazz, repertoire workshops, Pilatus, music
classes, the history of dance and more. Side by side with the regular classes
the school holds enrichment activities, viewing performances, trips and artist
encounters with known choreographers. The pupils participate in a spectacular
performance at the end of the year and festivals throughout the country.

The L&L Goodman Bat-Dor Beer-Sheva is world renowned for the
generations of trained professional dancers put out through the 40 years of its
existence. The school's graduates joined dance companies such as: the Royal
English Ballet, the Metropolitan Opera in New York, Ballet Stuttgart Germany,
Ballet Monte Carlo France, Ballet Goteborg Sweden, and in Israel the Bat-Sheva
Dance Company, the Israel Ballet, the Kibbutz Company and the Kamea Dance
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